Unleashing the power of film to live and breathe the life of your customer



Imagine a world where you have a doorway into the daily lives of your customers – seeing what they do, when they do it, what they do it with and understanding why. But who has the time or budget right? Thankfully nowadays mobile tech lets us ‘be there when we can’t be there’, and can generate surprising and actionable insights if utilized intelligently.

Can I have a decision tree…

Genuinely understanding a customer’s decision making processes is notoriously difficult – myriad quick fire influences are at play which are virtually impossible for people to recall and articulate, particularly after the event. Film evidence at the point of decision making is hugely valuable to understand behaviours and triggers relative to context. For example, we recently asked teens to film their soft drinks purchase moments to understand their choices, influencing factors and key triggers.   In the moment feedback gave us a clear understanding of the influence of channel and particularly promotion on this audience, giving us specific foresight for brand optimisation.


Seeing the real picture

The relevance of film goes beyond transactional behaviour. We find a broader use of video can give you access to consumers curated versions of what is important and meaningful in their lives. The freedom of being able to produce respondent led (with some research direction) films has been incredibly valuable in bringing to life people’s own versions of their world. As we know context is a huge influencer on behaviour and this approach enables us to step inside worlds’ which are not our own. 


Finding the white space

Video can also help to identify where the space is within a marketplace for new innovation. We find that asking people to use a pain and pleasure framework for their films shifts the brain to a more emotional and immediate vs. rational response space. From this perspective, we are able to identify new unmet needs and frustrations, as well as finding inspiration from best in class experiences across categories.



Where next?

The possibilities for film in research are ever increasing and are an exciting prospect. Understanding decision making, customer deep dive, innovation or stakeholder engagement are but a few of the ways in which we’re using video to make our insights more authentic, textured and actionable.

If you would like to chat about how we can use film to bring your customers and their needs to life, please get in touch at info@breathe.uk.com or call April or Emma on 020 8668 9377.